Saturday 7 November 2009

New Nerf Longstrike!

New Nerf Longstrike

It is not yet know if it will come to the uk or if it does come, when it will come.
In America it is expected to arrive round spring, 2010.

For more info vist:

Thursday 5 November 2009

Nerf Rapid Fire AS-20- Review!

The following review is not by me, it is from ILiekNerf a singaporean nerfer. All credit goes to him.

The N-Strike Rapid Fire AS-20 includes the AS-20 Blaster itself and 20Micro Darts. Its costs up to a total of S$85 when all of the costs(Original price + Shipping) are totalled. The AS-20 is a automatic blaster which is powered by its internal air tank, which is in turned primed by the priming stick attached to it. Pumping the priming stick 30-35 times will fill up the air tank. When the trigger is squeezed, the compressed air will be forced out to propel the darts. The AS-20 also features 2 Firing Modes : Rapid Fire(Full Blast) mode and Single Shot(Semi-Automatic) mode, allowing users to switch if situations in a war change. The AS-20 itself is alittle bulky, nontheless, its more versatile and the ROF is higher than a vulcan.

Rapid Fire As-20 - Side View

Box – Back View

Box - Front View

Rapid Fire AS-20 – Automatic Rotating Barrel

Nerf RF20 fire test

Overall, the Rapid Fire AS-20 is an extremely good blaster for rushing up to your opponents or being in Close Quarter Combat games. Or maybe for raining your family in darts!