Thursday 5 November 2009

Nerf Rapid Fire AS-20- Review!

The following review is not by me, it is from ILiekNerf a singaporean nerfer. All credit goes to him.

The N-Strike Rapid Fire AS-20 includes the AS-20 Blaster itself and 20Micro Darts. Its costs up to a total of S$85 when all of the costs(Original price + Shipping) are totalled. The AS-20 is a automatic blaster which is powered by its internal air tank, which is in turned primed by the priming stick attached to it. Pumping the priming stick 30-35 times will fill up the air tank. When the trigger is squeezed, the compressed air will be forced out to propel the darts. The AS-20 also features 2 Firing Modes : Rapid Fire(Full Blast) mode and Single Shot(Semi-Automatic) mode, allowing users to switch if situations in a war change. The AS-20 itself is alittle bulky, nontheless, its more versatile and the ROF is higher than a vulcan.

Rapid Fire As-20 - Side View

Box – Back View

Box - Front View

Rapid Fire AS-20 – Automatic Rotating Barrel

Nerf RF20 fire test

Overall, the Rapid Fire AS-20 is an extremely good blaster for rushing up to your opponents or being in Close Quarter Combat games. Or maybe for raining your family in darts!

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  1. I buy this to my son in this christmas as far i could use it is very funny, i also buy some of water to play on weekends.