Friday 19 March 2010

Under new administration.

From now on, the main contributor of this blog will be me, burntcustard!
SomethingMeaningfull quit nerfing recently, and I have persuaded him to go through the overcomplicated process of giving me control of the blog. So big thanks to him, and I hope I can keep up or better the quality of the site.

  • Current best places to buy Nerf (and possibly other brand) blasters, online and in store. ***DONE! Check the "Nerf UK Stocklist" page***
  • Dates/news of new blasters and when they (for example the Deploy CS-6) will be available in the UK.
  • I WILL be organizing a Nerf war IN THE UK when there is enough interest. So look out for that!


  1. sounds good, lets get the ball rolling!

  2. ps, if you look at the UK toy fair video, you can see the deploy in the background :O

  3. Could you give a link or screenshot to the video?
    It's a shame we'll have to wait untill around July to get the deploy over here.

  4. and I did it again; sorry... I meant to say:

    just so that you know, myself and about 7 others all in London would be interested if you were to host a nerf war anywhere near us...

  5. That's good to know Alex. What sort of age range are you all? Also I can't think of a way to say this so.. how awesome are your - and your friends - blasters?

    By the way your two previous posts have been deleted. Don't worry about it, we all make mistakes. Starting sentences with capital letters is good though.. that goes for you too pritchy.

  6. Heya, well, we're all 17 - 18, and we've all gotten into it in the last 2 - 3 weeks. As a result, we only have 1 - 2 blasters each, and very few of them have been modded yet... I expect that to change very soon ;)

    And yeah, thanks for deleting my previous posts :P

  7. Oh, and I almost forgot to ask: you don't by any chance know of anywhere where I can get myself a big bad bow without having to import do you?

  8. That's good to know, I'm around that age too, and my friends with Nerf blasters only have stock Mavericks/Furyfires/Fireflys (When more get involved I'm sure that will change). As for me, well I will soon have more Nerf blasters than I have fingers, and most of them are modded (the guns not my fingers..)

    I'm afraid the ONLY UK website to sell the big bad bow is ToysByTheBundle, and It will cost £50.47 including shipping.

    Do you want the big bad bow because it can get good ranges or for another reason?

  9. Okay, I thought I might as well list all our current guns :P We have:
    5 Mavericks
    4 Furyfires
    2 Raiders
    2 Recons
    1 Vulcan/Havoc Fire
    and we have one longshot in the post :P

    As for the big bad bow... I really wanna mod it into XD It's cheaper to import than to by from TBTB :S That's really quite stupid of them...

  10. Yo man. You want some help for the reviews? I can do one for the Deploy ;)

    Oh btw, do you mind adding this link to your list of Nerf forums?
    Its a Singapore Nerf community :)


  11. Link added.

    SG Nerf has already done such a good review about the Deploy, I'm not sure it would be worth it. I'll think about it though :)

  12. Ok sure, I'm willing to help out on any reviews for the blog, since I previously helped SMF on the reviews :)

    Will hear from you soon ^.^

  13. Oh and for some extra info...
    Hasbro said this on thier offical Nerf Facebook page, "The N-Strike Deploy CS-6 blaster is set to hit UK shelves in June of this year, so hang on just a little longer..."

  14. Sweet...

    Sorry about the punctuation errors, usually I'm better than that. Anyway, got an I-pod and went off the nerf scene for a while, so didn't see your reply. Will take a look and see if I can find the video.

  15. Aha! Turns out it was, in fact, a picture, not a video. Sorry for the confusion. Anyway, the picture is on Nerfs Facebook page, here:!/photo.php?pid=3553874&id=158498753170&fbid=299229258170

    I see a deploy, but no clear guns or long strike.

    Let me share some links with you, which may be of help.

    This is PTEG (splits, I believe), great for air powered guns. It is in America, but the price ($6, about £4) is fantastic. If it says item has ended, and he hasn’t re-listed, he will within a few days. He also lists springs, Modded guns and Stefan’s

    If this £22 bow does what it says (100 ft with arrows), then I may of found some serious firepower. If I ever get one, I shall tell you if it’s BS or not.

    Hope one of these helps :)

  16. iLN thanks for the Deploy date. However this site: says that they will be getting the Deploy on 30 July.. So I assume that Nerf have stated when it will be available for UK shops, but they will have to wait for stock to be shipped and organized here after that date.

    Thanks for the link to the picture pritchy, I didn't notice that on Nerfs Facebook page before, assuming it wasn't the UK Toy Fair. The Longstrikes release date for the UK hasn't been announced yet, so it probably won't be coming this year :( however it's good to know we'll be getting all of the extra magazine/accessories sometime.

    That PETG is very cheap, thanks for the link. I'm currently also trying to get CPVC from USA to go down Big Salvos barrels to allow them to shoot normal darts.

    Do you know if that bow uses a spring or if its actually a "real" bow? Would be interesting to know what the range is like with normal darts. I'd assume it would need a very long barrel and be quite unwieldy in a war though.

  17. Not a clue, sorry. but apparently its an exact replica of a Bow and Arrow, which would be awesome.

    Anyway, I'm 13, and have:
    2 mavericks with Air restrictors removed

    LongShot with front gun, not modded

    Modded NiteFinder (my baby):
    Air restrictor removal
    Added O-ring
    Badly done barrel replacement(too tight)
    Light took out to make room for SSPB (do you know where you can get one, cheap?)
    And a terrible PJ (wrong paint, unfinished)

    Might add a spring after reinforcements, but that's about all I want to do with it :).

    About a war... I dunno if I could (parents) but I suppose it would depend on where. I'm in Blackpool.


  18. Hehe I used to do archery and have my own arrows and sort of quit just before it was worth me getting my own bow. Sorry but there is no way that thing is anywhere near as powerful as a real bow, but then again foam darts need far less propulsion than carbon arrows ^^

    I think I might create a page dedicated to my Nerf armoury, and then encourage people commenting with a list of theirs too.

    Where did you get your Longshot from?

    I would highly recommend adding an extra spring to the Nitefinder, preferably a slightly thinner one which will "nest" inside the original (see my Nitefinder post if you want to have a look at the two springs on mine) By SSPB, do you mean this?
    That hasn't officially been released in the UK, so unfortunately you will not be able to get it cheaply.

    Blackpool is a very, very long way from me (4 hours) :(

    Are you asking if that material would be good for Stefans? It looks like it might be, although I don't have experience trying to make them. I recommend just using stock darts because they are relatively cheap (less than 15p each), stefans take a long time to make, and because it is easier to have a Nerf war with just stock ammo.

  19. No, BnA, the nerf bow and arrow, one of the rarest, best nerf guns ever? :P

    Anyway, sucks about the distance... perhaps we could get a map going of all the nerfers... not a clue on how to start one of them, though.

    I got my long-shot during a recent trip to America. if I go again I'll get some cpvc and a BBB.

    I think you should allow people to apply to become a contributor to the site. I ,for one, would be very interested (I was actually going to start my own blog when I saw that this one was dead). I would probably help mostly with the links to modding materials, mods, awesome deals on guns ect ect. I can also mod guns well when I want to. perhaps, if I make a return trip to America, I could get a few magstrikes, cpvc and couplers and sell them to the people on this website. I have spent FAR to many hours trawling this website and would love to share some of the links that I have found with the rest of our community. as you can see, I have already proven my creditability.

    Hope you take my request into consideration.

    Oh, yes, and thank you for the advice :)

  20. Ah, that one. I might disagree with it being the "best" Nerf gun ever :P

    I came across this a while ago:
    But you need a NerfHaven account for it to work, and it can take a while to get an account there. I think I might try to create my own version of this where nerfers can just type in their address to get added there, also it may be possible to allow people to upload photos to the map (for example photos of wars located where the wars took place).

    If you go to America again, buy as many Longshots, Magstrikes, RF-20s and Secret Strike AS-1s as your allowed to take on the plane.. maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but you could sell any of them over here for twice as much so it would be worth it. I'm surprised you could take a Longshot on a plane actually, I suppose it is a toy though. Also I'm getting a BBB and 8' of CPVC shipped over here, so there's no need to worry about that :)

    I am hesitant to allow other people to contribute to the blog, however you seem very knowledgeable about Nerf and you might be able to help. I'll have a think about it, In the mean time, It would be greatly appreciated if you could email me links to useful Nerf sites, good prices for Nerf products and other such things. I am not going to put up any links about modding materials on this site, until I personally have tried out the material. I may make an exception to that rule with Stefans, but only if I have seen/maybe tested the finished darts.

    Instead of replying through a comment here, please email me: and copy and paste our last few comments to each other from here, to the beginning of the email. I will then delete those original comments from here to clear this place up a bit, as we have both written ridiculous amounts, and nobody else is going to read it. ^^

  21. I recently bought a deploy cs-6 clear version for my son and the pump has jammed. Any thoughts of who we can ask to help us unjam it?

  22. me and my 3 friends would love a uk nerf war

  23. tell us when theres gonna be 1 near london

  24. I would definitely be interested if there was a nerf war somewhere in the South-East. Glad that I finally found a nerfing community in the UK (outside my close friends).

  25. Also, I'm looking to replace the O-ring on my recon, as it is (fairly) well modded and I think air seal is becoming a major problem. Thanks in advance.

  26. ^edit^
    What I meant to say was;
    Does anyone know the measurements of a replacement and where I could buy it?

  27. I don't have problem with it. if you stay with this amazing content. I would love to come back to see the amazing content that you are adding.

  28. hey, I just found this forum but it kinda seems to be dead :(
    anyway I was just wondering if anyone was actually planning any nerf wars in the London area (I live in South London).
    I am 15 and have a modded raider (paint-job, new spring, removed air restrictor) with a red dot site. I also have a modded nitefinder with paint-job and air restrictor removed, 6 6 dart mags, 1 35 drum mag and 100s of darts.

  29. Oh, and if there is a nerf war will it be like one of those epic woodland air soft style ones (EG: ) or like one of those nerf dart tag matches in those tiny arenas?

  30. The deploys sick

  31. Plz tell me there is one near Basingstoke !!!!!!!

  32. sounds good but it will be more clear when you will post something. We are always here to support you.

    1. Why no subscribe to the blog? That way you'll be informed every time there is an update.