Saturday 7 February 2015

Toy Fair 2015 - Your Questions Answered

A few weeks prior to the London Toy Fair, we asked the community for questions. Questions that we would then ask the Hasbro UK representatives and attempt to get them answered. Not only does this give everybody an opportunity to get involved and find out a little more, but it also buys us some time with Hasbro and makes it seem like we're not just there to play with toys (I don't think we fool anyone).

Firstly, this post has been a long time in the making. Hasbro seemed to be more anxious to protect information than ever so out of respect for them, I refrained from posting anything until I received clarification as to exactly what I could say. Some people wear an NDA like a badge of honour but I keep quiet out of respect for the people who welcome me as a professional and make me privy to things that are widely unknown. Apologies for the delay.

Anyhoo. Let's crack on!

We had an incredible response to our request for your questions. So much so that we couldn't ask all of them. A lot of you asked the same question so after spending some time sifting through them all, I have weeded it down to those you see below.

Will we see any MEGA blasters released under the other lines much like the Zombiestrike Magnus?

Unlikely. Hasbro intend to keep the lines separate for the foreseeable future. Any crossover is thought to bring about confusion and somehow detract from the uniqueness of each line. The Zombiestrike Magnus was created as an exclusive line for Target and will not see a wider release.

Will Hasbro ever release any individual attachments?

We all know what is happening here. Modulus. Shhh!

Will there be more clips available separately?
There are no current plans to release any separate clips other than the straight 18. The banana clip that is available with the Demolisher is unique to that blaster so it is felt that making it available as a stand alone item will detract from the blaster. (Read, "we make more money that way".)

I voiced the general opinion that 12 clips were more popular in some circles due to their versatility. It's easier to carry them in your pockets than 18. Hasbro found this point very interesting.

Response to BOOMco. Did Hasbro let them have the ‘dart tag’ market?
I was expecting a very guarded or dismissive answer to this question. What I received was a very open and honest response. It suffices to say that Hasbro are not worried by the BOOMCo range. In fact, Hasbro have seen a boost in profits since the launch of the Mattel line. Most likely because of the BOOMCo ad campaign raised the profile of dart blasters as a whole. Good news for everyone!

Was the Zombiestrike line a response to zombie pop culture or is there the intension to develop new game types such as HvZ?
Zombiestrike was developed in response to the popular culture surrounding the zombie theme. The undead are very much in vogue right now with a plethora of films, games, apparel and events based around the theme. Cannibalism has never been so 'in'.

Will there be any more Zombiestrike repaints under the Z-Squad banner?
Unknown. Answers were pretty vague but it would seem that The Zombiestrike Longshot was a response to the high demand for the blaster. Looks like we do have some influence on what Hasbro do. It's a shame that they didn't really listen and re-release it just as crappy as the original.
Will there be any more spring powered primaries?
Definitely. Hasbro are trying something a bit different with the bow powered stuff. Fly wheelers are popular because of they are easier to use for younger/smaller kids (which sounds odd, but if you really think about it, makes sense). Rest assured. The humble spring is by no means dead.

Why aren't there any flywheelers in the Zombiestrike line?
Blank looks. Not a clue.

Why is there a lack of 'Clip System' blasters in the Rebelle line?
Clips are considered to be an Elite thing and shall remain as such for the foreseeable future. The bows in the Rebelle line are out selling the conventional blasters by a considerable margin which helps bolster the Rebelle mantra that it is more about encouraging role play than traditional blaster play. On a side note, some of the new bows that we'll be seeing this year are completely bad-ass.

Are we likely to see new blasters that utilize Demolisher missiles or Sledgefire shells?
Probably not. There seems to be a culture of each blaster having unique features and gimmicks and it looks like Hasbro will be sticking with that. I guess it brings more variation to the hobby but it also makes us spend more.

Why has N-Strike seen a resurgence? Surely it's obsolete now?

There is a very good reason why N-Strike blasters such as the Doubledown and the Sharpfire have been developed. Sadly I'm not allowed to tell you.

That's about it. Thank you for contributing with your questions. Hopefully they have been answered. If not, there is still time to ask some of our collogues in the US ahead of the Toy Fair in New York.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Is the reason nerf is selling n strike blasters because they are stalling for a big realise this or next year?