Monday 1 July 2013

Elite Pinpoint Sight iPetition

Like many of you, I have recently been frustrated by the exclusivity of what is possibly my favourite Nerf accessory.

Fortunately for us, the chaps over at Bay Area Nerf have decided to try and do something about it.

The Pinpoint Sight was first released in 2008 in the aptly named 'Pinpoint Sight Mission Kit'. This accessory was an instant hit with the community and soon became a 'must have' for every nerfer. Like everything awesome back then, the Pinpoint Sight was never released in the UK. As far as I am aware, the original Mission Kit was only available in the US and even there, it was limited to one retailer.

Like all good things, the Pinpoint Sight inevitably came to an end and the Mission Kit disappeared from the shelves. From that moment on, the popularity of the Pinpoint Sight started to spiral out of control. Soon Pinpoint sights were being sold on eBay for upwards of £60. The high value and extreme rarity of the Pinpoint Sight meant that it became a symbol of the elite Nerfer. Love them or hate them, the original Pinpoint Sight is bossily the rarest and most valuable Nerf accessories there is.

In 2012. 'Pinpoint sightings' were reported in East Asia and it soon became clear that the much sought after accessory had been re released as part of a promotion.

Alas, it would soon become apparent that this new version of the Pinpoint Sight was indeed a limited release, first in Singapore and then Hong Kong. Toys 'R' Us stores were offering these sights when spending a certain amount on Nerf products.

Later in 2012, coinciding with the release of the new N-Strike Elite range, the Pinpoint Sight would return sporting the Elite colour scheme. Again, first in Singapore, then in Hong Kong but later in some parts of Australia and New Zealand. Once again these accessories were offered as a store promotion and were not released for general sale and soon disappeared from the shelves.

I am one of the lucky few who own an original Pinpoint Sight. As a collector, I'd be remiss if I didn't have one but this doesn't mean I think it's the best ever. Personally I can't see what all the fuss is about and it makes me cringe to think people have paid upwards of £60 for these things. Having said that, I am incredibly annoyed that the sight never officially made it's way to Europe (and other territories for that matter). Why can't we all get a fair shot at owning one? End the reign of the eBay profiteers and see the worldwide release of every body's favourite accessory.

Fortunately, the chaps over at Bay Area Nerf feel the same way I do and have begun a campaign to get everyone a fair chance. They have started an online iPetition in an effort to persuade Hasbro to release the Pinpoint Sight globally. Not only this, but the petition is also asking that Hasbro begin releasing other accessories individually as well. This would allow customers to completely customise their blasters and optimise their load out.

Personally I'd love to have and Elite Pinpoint Sight. More than that, I'd love to have the option to add a variety of different barrels, stocks and rail attachments, beyond those offered by other blasters. This could mean a milestone in the history of the Nerf brand.

If you like the idea of a range of accessories allowing true customisation, please show your support and sign the iPetition. You do not necessarily have to leave your name and you do not have to pay anything (although the site does try hard to persuade you to). There is a chance that Hasbro will/are taking note.

Hasbro, if you're reading this, as one of the UK's most experienced Nerfers, I think you should do it. I'm tired of buying blasters just for the accessories. Why can't we have a range of attachments that are sold separately? For just a few pounds, we'd have to option to chance the way our favourite blasters look and feel.

If nothing else, it's a good way to get some more money out of us!


  1. Good idea, Hasbro, if you are reading this, please dont make items US exclusive. There are many Nerfers across the globe who would purchace your products from you if you released them so they can buy them. Your losing out, because ebayers in the US can sell it to the rest of the world for lots of money, because it cant be found in there country.

    Please Hasbro.

    1. You're right. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

    2. Hasbro people in the us are selling pinpoint sights for 60 that's 60 dollars plus to the world. What I'm trying to tell you is your not making money off this. The us residence are.

    3. It is true that some individuals in Singapore, New Zealand and the US have been cashing in on the popularity of these accessories. This is one of the main reasons why the community has petitioned to make them available worldwide and stop unscrupulous people cashing in.

  2. I'm pumped for modulus.

    I like to think that two years ago when I wrote this article, somebody from Hasbro read it and chuckled.

  3. Actually the rarest nerf accessory is the longshot laser beam

    1. That must be incredibly rare since there is no mention of that accessory anywhere. I've been nerfing for 9 years and I've never heard of it.

      I'm willing to wager that it is so rare that you are the only person to know about it.