Tuesday 23 July 2013

The New Nerf Centurion - A slight rant

So myself and UKNerfWar were naked mud wrestling when our minds began wandering... and we began sharing our views on the Centurion...
Not that one...

This one!

What is quite interesting is that fact that despite sharing the same views and opinions on most subjects and nerf related items, the Centurion is so far the only blaster that has us completely split down the middle. And I shall explain why...

Now I personally have been looking forward to this blaster since word of its arrival first began to sporadically appear on the interwebs. The look, the feel, the message behind the blaster, everything about it made me yearn for this blaster. I even considered importing one, purely to guarantee I could own this amazing piece of Nerf technology. I love the idea that Nerf were expanding their ideas of what Nerf blasters need to be. They are actively seeking the same goals as the modders, except now the distance comes with longevity, as any modder knows. And even though it's a new ammo type, at least it's not Vortex *shudder*

The side to this blaster which I love is the LARP side of this blaster. As many of you know, I've recently begun helping with a new LARP game that uses Nerf blasters for combat. So this really up's the game for us. Essentially, this is the equivalent of a Barrett so one badass sniper. And not only does it have the looks, but the performance (by LARP standards).

But now we must look at the negatives, or at least what some people perceive as negatives. So first we'll start with the size. For me, this thing is perfect size wise. As the great Jeremy Clarkson would say, bigger IS better. And as I mentioned before, for it's LARP application the size is fantastic. But to a NIC modder and for any war attendants, this is just way too big. At over 3ft long, there's simply no way to run and gun. You'll be picked off well before the 4 year old with the NF. Hell, he'll probably be the one who takes you out!

Ammo. Again, having alternate ammo in LARP is great, as it allows for different effects and functions, however in a NIC war, it causes nothing but grief.

Internals have also become a problem. Fellow Nerfers such as Rogue and Langley have been lucky enough to get their hands on one of these bad boys, and discovered the impossible. This thing runs of reverse plunger technology. OH THE HUMANITY!! However, for a LARPer this is no issue.

All in all, I'm really looking forward to this blaster, but I have no doubt I'm in the minority...


  1. Interesting article. Do we have any idea on it's UK release date and price? I make short Nerf films for fun with some friends, and this could make a good prop.

    1. The MEGA Centurion will be released in October for £49.99.

      Great to hear you make foam films. Do you have a link so we can watch some?

    2. See? Not even the staff here have the same information...

      UK Nerf War is correct. I've got my info mixed up from the Rapidstrike.

    3. found centurions in my local toys r us

    4. Aw sweet! Don't keep it to yourself, which TRU did you spot them in?

    5. They will sell them in your local Argos as well. Check it out on their website. It is selling for £49.99 . I really want one but I think I might go for the Rapidstrike in stead as it is so much cheaper (£33 on Amazon) plus it takes any streamline ammo so I think it is a much better buy but the choice is yours...

      P.S: I would love to see Nerf make a red scope or something to go with the new 'mega series' branch as I think all of my other blue or yellow attachments would look really weird on this gun.

      Thanks for reading - 04beph/Ben Phillips :D

  2. So far all we have is August 2013. Price will probably be around £45, similar to the american market. Again, most of the information we've received is vague.

  3. there is no special engineering in the centurion, it claims 100 ft (angled) but even when fired straight it is inaccurate as hell, the darts have been reported to wear down easily which means this blaster stock is worse than really any modded elite blaster which the ranges and accuracy is more consistent and the darts down fall apart after a week's use. This is just a money sink, unless you plan to mod this it is kind of worthless, and you talked about larp and its role as a sniper, it can't even fulfill that in the slightest, you have 6 shots that have like a 20% chance to hit where you are aiming or the distance you are trying to get, anyone using this in a stock war will be eliminated so quickly.

    1. Agreed. It's such a shame. This thing had so much potential.

      Personally, I can see this going the same way as the Elite Hailfire. The "pinnacle" blaster was soon overshadowed by the rest of the range and eventually becomes the cousin that no one ever speaks to... At least, I hope it'll get overshadowed. And quickly!

  4. all i hope is that its not another Long Shot. man i wanted that blaster to be as powerful as it look straight out of the box.