Sunday 14 July 2013

Upcoming Zombie Strike Range - Pics included!

So, the rumours have been flying around recently regarding a new, upcoming line due to hits our stores in 2014 which has been greatly received. Usually with the response of 'HOLYDOGCOWZOMBIEHORDE BATMAN!'. However, now that more information about the range has been released, I have my doubts now...

To the pictures!

The first blaster which was announced (or should we say 'leaked') was the Hammershot:
Time to go cowboy!

The main reason which this blaster came to our attention was due to the fact this was infact a boys version of the new Nerf Rebelle Sweet Revenge. Many fans rejoiced at the amazing aesthetics, and intriguing priming system. Many fan were also pleased that they would not have to buy the Rebelle version...

More recently however, the whole range has been released with pictures, and I must say I'm disappointed:
Crossfire Bow: Walking Dead fans rejoice!

Fusefire: Urm, what?

Sidestrike:...and this is?

Strike Blade: Okay, not too bad...

Ripshot: Now we've gone silly again...

Ricochet: ...?...

Sledgefire: Okay, so maybe it's not ALL too bad.

So as you can see, we're gonna get a real mixed bag of blasters from this range. Firstly, I need to make something clear. I don't like ANY vortex blaster. I've tried. I really have. But it's just not gonna happen. But I'm not simply dismissing the new ZS vortex range for purely being Vortex blasters. It's quite clear why they suck.
Let's take an overview of ALL the vortex blasters. The one thing that they have in common is their capacity. They are all single shot. Now many HvZ players will attest that single shot weapons are not the weapon of choice. Another issues that I have seen on mentioned on other sites is about the Ricochet and the Ripshot. The issue is that if you removed the ammo compartment from the Ripshot, it becomes the Ricochet. Which begs the question: 'Why the hell bother buying the Ricochet? Why even make it?' 

Now we move onto the dart blasters, which I am really happy about. Let's start with the Crossfire bow. Stock attachment, tactical rails, THE FACT THAT IT'S A CROSSBOW!!! Even the priming method is amazing. The one thing which I would be interested in further researching would be the possibility of making a quicker reload method, maybe even top loading...

The Sledgefire is next on my list. A blaster with similar priming method to the old Break Barrel, the Sledgefire is loaded with individual shells which hold 3 darts each. Assuming that all 3 darts fire at once, this will make an awesome hold off weapon, however the stock may have to go...

And finally, the Sidestrike. WHAT ON GODS NAME IS IT? My only conclusion is that someone got drunk, threw an old crossfire, scout and some green paint in a blender and called it the Sidestrike. Everything about it is wrong, the ammo holders, and the slide, just everything. Is .Wrong. However, there is news that this blaster will come with a holster which is capable of carrying several blasters, including the Elite Firestrike. So I guess that's something...


  1. I have to say, I share your sentiments. I too am most excited about the crossbow. Although I don't do Vortex, I have to admit, some of the ZS ones look pretty cool (apart from the 'Rocochet', that thing looks like it should come with a Happy Meal).

    When the Elite blasters first came out, some members of the community criticised the decision to release the larger blasters first and then follow with the pistols. It would seem (or at least, I hope) that this time Hasbro have gone the other way and decided to release the pistols first. This makes more sense to me. Build up excitement in your brand and then bring out the big guns. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

  2. One of the best articles to date in the NIC, thanks for this read man. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your thoughts!

    Whilst most "prominent" bloggers that work with Hasbro to promote Nerf, I feel they are afraid of speaking their minds, and in the pocket of Hasbro too much. Their opinions just fade into white noise and pic spam. I think they've forgotten their own voice, and that's sad because they lose credibility in my opinion, and the whole point of why they might have started a blog up. I think it might have to do with the fact we are independent enough to buy our own blasters than wait for care packages and grumpy old men not to give a s.... what brands might think.

    We are lucky to have bloggers like you, UKNW and Pocket to keep things realistic, fresh and honest. Keep it up, gj Sir

    1. I just like a good rant now and then. And as I mentioned in the article, I've tried to keep my personal opinions to one side and given valid reasons why the new blasters might be a disappointment to nerfers.

  3. so its coming out in the uk in 2014?

    1. Sadly, no.

      If you read this more recent post you will find out more.