Friday 29 November 2013

MEGA Magnus UK Release Date

Finally, official news on the MEGA Magnus' appearance in the UK.

Ever since we first learned about the NERF MEGA Magnus, I have been anxious to find out whether this blaster would hit 'Old Blighty'. I recently aquired one from Singapore and I have to say, it is excellent.

But now it turns out, if I had been a bit more patient I could have saved myself a fair bit of money.

Monday 18 November 2013

NERF Vortex Revonix360 - Review

Or: 'He ain't heavy... he my blaster!' *Harmonica solo*

We all have different opinions about things and some people have opinions which to many, go totally against the norm. A perfect example of this is my Father, who, as a die hard fan of Crystal Palace FC, is convinced that they are a better team than Manchester United. This is not the truth, (sadly, "Come on you Eagles!!") it's just his opinion. My point is, my 'against the norm' opinion is: I am a huge fan of the Vortex series. Before you set fire to anything with my name on it, please hear me out...

Wednesday 13 November 2013

NERF: The Ultimate Blaster Book - Review

I don't really read much apart from the odd instruction manual. Even then (like all men) I only do it as a last resort, when I've messed things up or can't figure out where part 'A' goes. But when I heard news that a book about my favourite brand was to be released, I grew quite excited.

Recently, I was contacted the publishers for 'The Ultimate NERF Blaster Book' who offered me the opportunity to review the book, ahead of it's release.

Below is my review of 'NERF: The Ultimate Blaster Book' written by Nathaniel Marunas.

Thursday 7 November 2013

MEGA Centurion UK Release Party

Cast your minds back to September. Whilst the rest of the world were already enjoying their MEGA Centurions, nerfers in the UK (and Europe, among others) could only look on with envious eyes as our international cousins were playing with their new blasters. Most didn't really like the Centurion, but that's beside the point.

We would have to wait until 1st October for the Centurion and there was no sign of any accidental pre-releases like there was for the Rapidstrike.

Fortunately for me, UK Nerf was invited to the release party the week before the official launch... Unfortunately for me, I was away with work that week so I wouldn't be able to attend. As gutted as I was, I knew it wouldn't be a huge loss. I would have to find someone to go in my stead. I needed someone tall, strong, courageous, with an investigative mind and a sharp wit. I needed someone who wasn't afraid to ask the hard hitting questions and would tenaciously pursue an answer like a dog after a rabbit.

Launch Party Invitation

What I got was an awesome nerfer who wasn't afraid to shoot at powerful business men in the face and roll around on the floor of a fancy London restaurant in full tactical gear. What I got was Blame_Stosh.