Friday 4 January 2013

Nerf Dart Tag Speedload 6, Why it's Good.

Admit it. You'd forgotten about the Dart Tag line hadn't you? I can't blame you. In the midst of 'Elite Fever' it's easy to forget about these highly specialised blasters. The range never really caught on due to the blasters poor performance and generally unweildy nature. They didn't perform as poorly or come as unweildy as the Speedload 6. It looks like a pistol but weighs the same as a small moon.


Almost everyone hates the Speedload 6 so imagine my surprise when I find someone who loves it. I just had to ask him to review it. I wanted to know what he saw that I had missed.

So without any further ado, here is MerryUnBirthday with his review of the Nerf Dart Tag Speedload 6.

"The sad fact is, everyone hates the Dart Tag series. It's true. Think about it. No blaster has really changed minds, and now the Elite series is charging forward (no complaints here) it is being quietly forgotten. I'll admit the speedswarm is awesome, (if a little too chunky) but does it really need Dart Tag darts? No. No it doesn't. And if it was in a different box it would be just another cool nerf gun. And all of the others can be put in the same category.

However, there is one exception. The Nerf Dart Tag Speedload-6.

It is the purist definition of 'one of a kind'. It doesn't have a tactical rail (like all Dart Tag blasters), so you can't add anything to it. It can only take Dart Tag darts and it's made for slam-firing.

Best of all, (the thing that every else hated when it first hit the scene) it's huge. Brilliantly huge. Heavy and well weighted. The slam-fire is easily it's best feature, firing 6 darts easily within 5-10 seconds. It's built in clip, the defining feature of the blaster, IS easy to reload, holding a maximum of 7 darts (if you put one in the chamber first.)

It isn't perfect. No blaster is (deal with it modders). It is prone to jamming which can sometimes be a real bugger to fix, but I love the Speedload. Every time I put it with the others in my collection, I'm always astounded of how different it feels, looks and fires.

Don't let its 'hugeness' turn you off, In fact I've used its size as a makeshift shield during battles on more than one occasion. Could you do that with a modded Strongarm?"

"Heavy is good, heavy is reliable. If it doesn't work you can always hit them with it."
 Bonus points if you can name the film.



  1. great review, but one thing you have wrong - the Dart Tag series is made as Stock blaster range for tournaments only. It is a specialist series for those players only, and not the general battle/hvz players.

    Thats why it needs little attention or upgrading.

    They fit the purpose of Dart Tag battles very well, and since you play/fight in a small space, you dont need crazy mod ranges.

    Its funny you posted this review, because I bought a 'Dart Tag 1-Player Pack' set today for just 5.99 at SmythsToys today!

  2. You are correct about the purpose of the Dart Tag series although, I can't understand what you think he has got "wrong".

  3. props to typing it in a loaded underground tube, but fail! it should say right not wrong. great job smartphone autocorrect!

  4. The Speedload is an underrated weapon, I much prefer it over the Maverick and as pointed out, it can be used as a shield. For those of us who aren't built in XS sizes, it's comfortable without being a rifle.

    And then there's the noise when you're loading, not stealthy by any means, but who wants silence in a firefight.....

  5. The review is wrong on one point. The Speedload 6 works just fine with Elite darts, and even works great with Streamlines for the most part. I prefer it over the Maverick for one simple reason - slamfire (until I get a Strongarm).

  6. It takes whistlers just fine.

  7. my god, i love the speedload except i cant find one in canada now :(

  8. I spotted that Amazon are currently selling the Nerf dart Tag Speedload 6 or £4.50 including delivery at the mo, not sure how long it will last tho so be quick if u want one. seems for what you get, at that price you could buy a few of them and have a full on Nerf fight :)

  9. I loved the Speedload 6. i got super hyped for it when it was coming out. the built in mag meant faster reloads than any revolver and not needing to carry a bunch of bulky clips. all I'd need is a container full of whistlers. (I already had a nerf ammo box worth of whistlers at the time.) When i finally got my hands on it, it was big and weird and everything i ever wanted. then i shot it and was disappointed by worse than stock recon ranges and if it jams a good 50% of the time that dart is history. I wish there was a way to really make the speedload 6 amazing. P.S. if orange mod works ever released a full performance kit for the speedload 6 i think i would poop myself a bit, Jus saiyan