Wednesday 12 May 2010

Deploy CS-6 and Flip Clip, coming to the UK soon!

Thanks to an anonymous poster on my UK Stocklist page, I have discovered that the Deploy CS-6 and Flip Clip accessory are being released in the UK far sooner than expected. I consider this important enough news, that it gets its own post!

The Deploy CS-6 is due to be released on on the 28th of May and costs £17.99. It comes with a carry strap (a first for a Nerf blaster, a welcome change in my opinion) and has a torch which requires 3 AAA batteries. Here is a great review by SG Nerf of the blaster.

The Flip Clip is being released on on the 11th of June and costs £11.99. It comes with two standard 6-dart magazines, a flip clip section, and 30 Streamline darts. This product makes clip-system Nerf guns far more cost-effective in the UK, as before there was no way to get multiple clips other than to buy several Nerf blasters.


  1. I WAS going to get this, then I see the (possible) new prototype nerf gun. I'm getting that!

    Heh, I found a recon with everything except the sight and laser for £2 at a Car-boot the other day. YAY!

  2. I'm assuming your talking about this one:

    It does look awesome, and I'm probably going to get it too. Although it won't be out until at least 9-9-10, and it's going to cost quite a bit more than £16.99...

    Sounds like a very good find, the sight and laser don't have much use anyway :)

  3. the only nerf guns you need are the maverick, deploy and longstrike :)

  4. New gun details!

    It looks Amazing!!!!

  5. I'm not so sure about the "amazing" but It looks like it might have some potential, especially if the firing system is better than the Buzz Bee Double Shots. The ammo holder looks pretty good.

    I guess I'm going to have to make a list of upcoming Nerf products. I'm slightly hesitant to do this, because most of the blasters won't be coming over to the UK until at least next year. Here are the ones I'll mention:

    Longstrike CS-6
    Alpha Trooper CS-18
    Spectre Rev-5
    18 dart straight magazine
    9-9-10 blaster (with that picture, you know, the awesome looking one)

    Am I missing any?

  6. Err... The one I posted above, but that's about it, yeah.

    I was referring to the look, not the (no doubt) crappy performance.

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  10. Oh and the link is

  11. I have it and its a really good gun but when you fire it really fast it can get jammed esily.

  12. Is that a toy? 'cause looks so real well not but looks like an star wars weapon or something. Thanks for share this.