Monday 6 September 2010

Nerf Stampede!

First of all, anyone who followed the blog in the past will (hopefully) be glad to know, I'm back!

Nerf have released the Stampede! One of the most expensive and complex Nerf blasters ever made. The Stampede is the first fully automatic clip fed Nerf blaster, the first Nerf gun to come with more than 2 clips and is probably the most anticipated product Nerf has ever created. The blaster comes with one 6-dart clip, THREE 18-dart extended clips (it can also take 36-dart drum mags), a removable "shield" and a pop-out bi-pod/grip.

Like the Nerf Vulcan/Havok Fire, the blaster uses a 6 D-type battery compartment for its power, which can easily take alternative batteries to produce higher rate of fire.

Unlike the Nerf Vulcan, the Stampede is able to fire reliably from any angle, and is lighter and more maneuverable.

For a great review of the blaster go here
For increasing RoF information and videos go here and here
For internal pictures and mod guide go here
Very, very big thanks to Sgnerf for all of this information.

The best place to BUY the Stampede is at for £48.97.

Keep checking here for more Stampede info as I come across it.


  1. Wow! This is the most amazing nerf gun I've ever seen. I wish I can have one.

  2. Even though it is a really good gun it is really heavy becouse of the battries
    make it really heave and battries are like cheating.

  3. If you are worried about the weight you can do a battery replacement with a 12 volt RC battery.

  4. This gun is awesome! Picked it up the other day and it is a lot of fun. I'm almost afraid to open it in case I mess it up (55 bucks isn't a simple repurchase, especially now when it'll be in high demand).