Friday 31 December 2010

UK Dart Tag Tournament

Nerf4Hire is holding the first large unofficial Dart Tag tournament in the UK this year. Here's what's going on:

On the 3rd of July we will be starting the qualifying rounds for the UK's first dart tag tournament. We are looking for teams of 4 Aged 8-15 to battle it out for the UK champion title and a £400 cash prize. The final will be held on the 4th September 2011 .

Parents may stay to watch the tournament, go home, or there is a lovely tearoom next door. There will be food, drink and nerf guns for sale all at reasonable prices. If you can't get a team together contact us anyway and we will try and find a team for you to join. All players are welcome no matter there ability. So please send us an entry form, take a look at the schedule and terms and conditions.

More qualifying rounds will be held between July and September 2011, entry for the qualifying rounds will open around March but there are three ways of making sure you get a place:

1. Subscribe to our Youtube channel

2. Click "attending" the Nerf event on Facebook

3. Email the Nerf4hire Team at and we will happily put you on the list of possible contestants.

4. Call the Nerf4hire team on: 07833 223 596


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  5. we need nerf wars in the uk!!!!!!!!

  6. I was waiting for this Dart Tag tournament in the UK tournament, I wanted to attend there but I couldn't because I was so busy, this time it'll be so different.

  7. i wanna do this next year