Friday 25 January 2013

The 2013 UK Toy Fair - Zing Toys

Other companies cannot compete with Nerf and so it would seem that they are going in a completely different direction. It's easy to forget that 'Its Nerf or Nothin!' is a company slogan. Not words to live by. If you do look elsewhere, you may find many pleasant surprises.


Zing Toys

As a kid, I made my own bow and arrows out of the things I found in my back garden. As you can imagine, whylst my efforts were far from fruitless, I would have never been able to enter any archery competitions. If only they'd had the Air Storm range when I was in short trousers.

Zing Toys Bring the toy bow and arrow into the 21st Century.

The Air Storm range of products will see a couple of new additions this year. We all know about the strangely addictive sensation of firing a bow (whilst secretly pretending to be Hawkeye from The Avengers), but Zing Toys have made this particular pleasure safe and affordable.

Z-Curve Bow

The Air Storm Z-Curve Bow

If you haven't already seen the Air Storm 'Z-Curve Bow', you're missing a real treat. With ranges up to 40m, this bow makes you feel like a very merry man indeed! It comes with 3 arrows, one sucker and two whistlers.

Nerfshack is More Robbing Hoodlum than Robin Hood

Z-X Crosbow

The Brand New Air Storm Z-X Crossbow

New this year is the 'ZX Crossbow'. Like the 'Z Bow's' wimpy cousin but still hits a fairly respectable 14m. MerryUnBirthday was particularly fond of this chap but I much prefer it's bigger brother. The crossbow comes with three sucker arrows and will hit the shelves in the Spring.

MerryUnBirthday Likes the Z-X Crossbow

Double Shotz

Air Storm Double Shotz

I've seen the 'Double Shotz' before but never paid much attension. They are an interesting pair of blasters. Not particularly powerful, but novel. Zing Toys have tried to bring the pleasure of foam shooting to younger children by creating a blaster with no actual moving parts. The handle is an air bladder so you simply load a dart and squeeze the grip and the dart hurtles out the muzzle. It shoots pretty hard considering it's size.

I will certainly give the Air Storm range some thought when they come out. They don't really suit my play style but they do come complete with a family size pack of awesome.

I think this range will be extremely popular with LARPers. 


  1. Yeah this stuff was awesome, did you get to play with the Air Hogs laser soldier? Really cool and smart system. Look forward to the other pics :)

  2. Great product.. for more info