Thursday 24 January 2013

The 2013 UK Toy Fair

Yesterday was a busy day for the UK Nerf team as we met up with some friends and took on the UK Toy Fair at Olympia. Hundreds of toy manufacturers were there showing off the exciting new releases that are poised to hit the shelves this year.

MerryUnBirthday, Nerfshack and Mrs Nerfshack meet Optimus Prime.

 There was far too much cool stuff to put in to one post, so over the next couple of days we will be updating you with UK Nerf's hot picks from the Toy Fair. Please bare with us, there are over 300 pictures to go through.

Before you get too excited, we are bound by the same contract as MyLastDart. We know all the cool stuff that Hasbro has in store, but we can't tell you about it. Stay tuned though, we might just have a few surprises.


  1. Super gutted this wasn't there the day I went along, i'm a massive Transformers fan. Super jelly!

  2. Ha thats amazing because i have also osed in front of that truck but not at the toy fair i met optimus at the bristol balloon fiesta last year and now it is my facbook profile pic :D
    But i do wish that i could have gone to the toy fair :(