Saturday 19 January 2013

Elite Alpha Trooper - It's Real!

Spotted in the new Spring/Summer copy of the 'Argos' catalogue by one of our eagle eyed followers, the Elite Alpha Trooper will be available from March.

Personally, I'm very excited about this one. The Alpha Trooper was one of my favourite blasters and now we can expect one with Elite Ranges.

I've also noticed a new Dart Tag blaster in the catalogue as well. The Dart Tag Stinger appears to be similar to the old Stimger from 1996?

I don't know anything more than this one picture but it looks to be a single shot blaster very similar to the original.

Very cool!


  1. this is a fantastic find, bravo chaps! im totally pumped to see it :) March? Wohoo :D

  2. What is that in the bottom-right corner? The "Great value" "INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO PLAY" Vortex thingy? It could be a new product.

    1. It says the Vortex Proton.

    2. Yea, it's just a set of two Vortex Protons.

  3. Elite Alpha Trooper with Raider stock would be so bad-ass