Saturday 26 January 2013

The 2013 UK Toy Fair - Wow Stuff

Combat Creatures - Attacknids

The lovely chaps at 'Wow Stuff' were very excited to show us these super cool little robots. I saw them advertised over Christmas but the TV advert failed to convey their sheer awesomeness.

The Standard Model Attacknid

These 6 legged battle machines are the result of 8 years of development and although released at Christmas, will hit the shelves in their full glory in the spring. They feature a 360 degree rotating head with controls to raise and lower the weapon system, armour that flies off when hit and the best bit of all, interchangeable weapons. At the very heart of the Attacknid is the 'Battle Brain'. this highly advanced control system has a wireless range of over 40m and has a built in target. Three hits to the target and your Attacknid will shut down for the rest of the battle.

Wireless 2.4GHz Controller Allows up to 40m Range

Upon their release in the spring, there will be three different types of ranged weapons available: 'Dissector Discs', 'Destroyer Spheres' and 'Snyper Darts'. The Attacknid is sold with the 'Dissector Discs' as standard but each weapon system is interchangeable so you can choose your favourite before you go into battle. The latter weapon was obviously the most interesting to us.

Weapon Systems: 'Destroyer Spheres', 'Dissector Discs' and 'Snyper Darts' (left to right).

The 'Snyper Darts' weapon module consists of a 12 dart drum (removable for easy reloading), mounted in an auto rotating mechanism and are propelled by flywheels. The darts themselves are the same size and shape as nerf darts, except the tip is a lot denser. They claim the darts will hit 20m, but since the weapon mount is roughly 30cm off the ground, I remain dubious.

Nerf Elite Dart (left) VS Snyper Dart (right)

'Snyper Darts' Weapon Module

Customisable Armour, Battle Brain and Weapons

With a fairly hefty £50 price tag, I think these will be more popular with the bigger kids among us but the customisable nature of them should give them some longevity as you upgrade your Attacknid with new weapons and armour.

Like so many things in life, I want one, but I can't think of a way of justifying it to the wife.

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