Tuesday 2 July 2013

Nerf Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 - UK Release Date

Official news from Hasbro finally gives us a release date for what is (for me at least) the most exciting blaster to be released this year,

My sources at Hasbro confirm that the Rapidstrike will hit the shelves from 1st August so start saving your pennies now, this thing is going to be epic.

I can't say when the Rapidstrike will be available in other territories but we can assume that it will be around the same time, if not before in some areas.

I am totally stoked about this blaster. As I have said all along, it is much more my style than the MEGA Centurion. What are your thoughts?


  1. Are you sure this is official news?

  2. Where did you get a Rapidstrike?

    1. I ordered mine from 'The Entertainer' toy shop. They briefly had a listing for them on their website but, sadly they are now out of stock.