Saturday 22 June 2013

Nerf MEGA Centurion - Finally, a Chance to Look Inside?

Rogue over at Nerf Revolution has managed to get his hands on a MEGA Centurion, surprisingly sent to him by Hasbro themselves!

Hasbro have always had a good relationship with NRev and it's good to see that Rogue is still nerfing, even after he's been quiet for a while. Good to see your still with us buddy.

For now he has released an unboxing video but you can be sure that both a firing demo and an internals video will be posted soon.

Subscribe to Rogue's channel if you want to see more or check out Nerf Revolution for more info.


  1. damn, you got to this before anyone else, i haven't seen this on any of the other sites yet.

  2. Bad news from NerfHaven. The centurion is REVERSE PLUNGER. And it has slits in the plunger tube or some other tube so it's at low pressure.And the slits are deep.

    1. I've been suspicious about this blaster ever since I played with it at the toy fair.

      For me the point is moot since range isn't really a concern of mine. It doesn't suit my play style.

      If nothing else, Hasbro has provided us with a new set of problems to overcome. To that, all I can say is... Thanks Hasbro.

  3. where can I get one