Thursday 24 December 2009

Nerf Raider - Review!

Welcome back to another review for UKnerf. The Nerf raider CS-35 is another edition to the Clip-system range, surely enough it doesn't damage the reputation of the clip fed guns. The set includes one Nerf Raider foam blaster, one 35 drum magazine/clip and 35 streamline darts.

It cost around £30.00-£35.00 depending from where you buy it from. The gun has a massive 35 drum magazine, i personally think its ridiculous and prefer to use the recon and longshot clips. The gun is not meant for accuracy it is a close range gun that is used to shoot and shoot until you hit your target. You can use it in two ways, single shot (you cock the gun then fire) and slam fire (hold the triger and cock as fast as you can).

The gun itself seems very stirdy, easy to move around with and to fire, assuming that you use the CS-6 clips. It is basicly the same as the recon but seems to jam less. It holds a dart in the handle has an easy access hatch for when you jam. The stock has four settings so if your like me you put it on to the longest setting, but for younger nerfers you will have it shorter. The recon stock can also be used.

Nerf Raider CS-35 - Box - Front.

Nerf Raider CS-35 - Box - Back.

Nerf Raider CS-35 - Gun, Stock and ammo drum.

Nerf Raider CS-35 - Main gun.

Nerf Raider CS-35 - clip comparison.

Nerf Raider CS-35 - Stock extended.

Nerf Raider CS-35 - Stock detracted.

Nerf Raider CS-35 - Stock comparison.

Nerf Raider CS-35 - overview front.

Nerf Raider CS-35 - overview back.

Nerf Raider CS-35 - Fire Test.
[Sorry but my camera screwed up and so did i, we should have a video later in the week, again sorry.] :(

So, overall a great primary which can shoot until you hit. With easy reloading and decent ranges this is a must have for any nerf fan!


  1. hey SMF, have found any foam backer rod and brass/cpvc/PTEG in the UK that can be bought is smaller qualities?

  2. Errrrr, I have tried to find PETG brass and CPVC. PETG i cant find, CPVC is harder to get hold of but Brass is very easy to find. Try homebase, B&Q or any other stores like it. Take a nerf streamline with you to see what size fits best. Hope this helps.

  3. Awesome, I would like to have one... I've been seeking this kind of toys throughout my town and I couldn't find it yet.

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