Saturday 7 September 2013

Rumor: NERF Robots?

I know what you're thinking... "Wouldn't it be great if Hasbro released a full size NERF battlesuit?"

RX-78 Gundam Battlesuit

We'll, I'm excited to tell you... It's not that.

Cast your minds back to January. More specifically the 2013 London Toy Fair. Among all of the amazing things I saw were Wow Stuff''s 'Attacknids'. These radio controlled 'Combat Creatures' featured interchangeable foam weapons and destructable armour. I was impressed.

Well, word on the grapevine is that the creators of the Attacknids have signed a licencing deal with Hasbro and we will shortly be seeing NERF Attacknids hit the shelves.

UK Nerf's Impression of What These Might Look Like

So far there is no official word on these, nor do we have any pictures of the actual product but my source says that they have seen these bad boys sporting NERF colours and logos. I understand that the NERF version will be equiped with the 'Snyper Darts' weapon (presumably loaded with Elite darts). This makes a lot of sense and from what we saw at the Toy Fair, we can expect some pretty good ranges out of them.

Snyper Dart Weapon System

The current model Attacknid retails for anything between £34.99 ( to £69.99 (Toys 'R' Us) so we can expect the NERF version to be around the same price.

So what do you think? Will one of these make it into your armoury or are you going to hold out for that battlesuit?


  1. I could see that attachment being useful as some form of underslung... or maybe wrist mounted.

    1. 2 joined together as a pistol?
      The robot is cool though. I like the primer finish as then you get to paint it.