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BrisWar 2014 - HvZ in Bristol

First up, sorry for the lack of activity of late. Things have been manic! With a workbench overflowing with commissions, a day job and a second child expected any minute, the blog has had to take a back seat for a while.

I'm glad to say that I have a bit more free time now and there is a long list of news and reviews planned for the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!

Now, if you have been watching our Facebook Page, you will know that there is a very exciting war coming up in Bristol.

BrisWar will be the first BritNerf community war of the year. It will be held on the Downs just outside Bristol on Saturday 22nd March. This NERF war will be one of the biggest public HvZ events ever held in the UK so if you can make it down you really should.

Most of the big players from the British NERF community will be there so not only will it be an awesome day of foamy goodness, but it will also be a great opportunity to meet some of the UK's best nerfers and just hang out with an awesome bunch of people. Of course, there will be the impending threat of being nommed by the undead, but at least you'll be eaten happy.

Below is all of the information you will need to play on the day. This information has been provided by Boff the event organiser. If you can make it along, get in touch with me or Boff via the BritNerf forum, contact us via Facebook or leave a comment on the Facebook event page.

Day Plan:

0930-1030: Players arrive for orientation, derping and blaster checks
1030: Full rules briefing
1100: Time in, game starts
1500: Final mission planned to start
1600: Game ends

Open Game:

Once the game starts, bandanas/bands go on and stay on. There is no stopping once things start, the first mission briefing will be given at the beginning. Further missions will be unlocked as you go. If you want lunch, build the human safe zone and camp out there.
The game will start punctually at the time advertised. If you are late, report to the Admin area to receive your armband and you will be inducted into the game. Leaders of both teams will have radios and so you may be able to link up with other humans, otherwise it's fine to take your squad and go alone.


  • Nerf blasters (including darts or discs, home-made are fine so long as there are no metal components)
  • Socks (washed, clean, as an alternative to blasters)
  • LARP Safe Melee weapons (if you have them, they're an option)
  • Stopwatches or a digital watch (for turn times or stun times etc.)
  • A good solid rucksack, you've got to carry lunch in something!
  • Eye protection - sunglasses count
  • Lots of water
  • Sensible shoes
  • Food (coins, notes and cards are not edible)
  • Pre-signed consent form (for anyone between the ages of 14 and 18) - it should be a parent or guardian but if you're able to sucker one of the other BritNerfers into doing it then good on you.

Site Details:

The cross in red is the meet point, report there for initial safety briefing and band issuing. You'll then be sent to the blue cross which is the human muster point where you will be inducted to the human faction by the faction leaders. Before the final safety briefing at 1030, you'll be given the chance to practice with your blasters, load them and get to know your fellow survivors.

A Google Map can be found here - it's much clearer than the image.

This is one section of the Downs here in Bristol. It's a large, open space with lots of trees, bushes and scrub. For those of you with Sat Navs, you want to navigate to Ladies Mile. Of course, this is a large play space (it's intended as such) so communication and cardio are going to be vital in this open game. We'll be in a shared space with the public so remember that at all times. It is a public area and if you make a nuisance of yourself, you're on your own. We take no liability for you being a tit and there's a specific local bye-law that will impose a £500 fine on anyone making an arse of themselves - just FYI.

Remember folks, don't shoot passers by and do stop to talk to them if they'd like to talk to you. You'll be quite a sight running about like that and will get some weird looks, even in a city like Bristol which is famed for its student antics.

Travel details:

Train: Clifton Down Station, walk up Whiteladies Road then Black Boy Hill and you'll see the muster point across the road in front of you.

Car: A lot of free on street parking around, it's free all the way along Ladies Mile if you get there early enough.

A quick note on Ethos:

We're doing this to have fun on a Saturday afternoon. It gets us outdoors and running about and doing something a little less than mainstream. All moderation decisions will be taken in light of this central ethos. Play the game, enjoy yourself and don't whine about getting tagged. I've tried to highlight the merits of both teams in the rules but I'd like to stress that getting turned isn't the end of the world! Think of it as a new phase: one where you don't need to be paranoid and watching your corners all the time. One where you can happily run down whole groups of humans at a stroke. I don't take kindly to human supremacists in HvZ. If you're tagged, you're tagged - don't put your bandanna back on or refuse to hand over your human card because you want to stay human. Take it in the spirit of the game and we'll all have more fun. Though seriously, anyone caught being a human dick will feel the full force of my banhammer.


In the event that the Downs is a swamp in the week leading up to 22nd March, at least 48 hours notice will be given and the event moved to 5th May. 72 hours before the event, I'll check the weather and wander the site and again 48 hours before so I can make a decision. Any decision will be posted on the Facebook event page or on the forum.

So there you have it.

If you can make it along then you really should. If you own a blaster (or socks) and can run away from things then you qualify to play. We would all love to see you there! This year is going to be a good one for NERF wars in the UK. If you can't make this one, join the forum or like the Facebook page and you can keep up to date with Nerfy goodness in your area.

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