Saturday 26 September 2009

Nerf Strikefire Dart Tag set : Review!

Welcome to Uknerf's first review, the Nerf strikefire dart tag set.

The set includes two Nerf Strikefires, two tagger vests, two pairs of strange looking glasses and 12 tagger darts. It cost a £19.99 in all which is great value for what you get. The Strikefire is a single shot manual load pistol, i personally like the rapid fire guns but you need some back up when you need to pump your primary. The ranges of this gun stock are awesome about 25- 30 feet, i added another o-ring to each so mine get about 35 feet. Another good thing about this gun is how many darts it can hold, six in total (including the one that shoots). The gun is easy to move around with and fun to dual wield, a bit hard to reload though.

Nerf Strikefire Dart Tag box - front.

Nerf Strikefire Dart Tag Box - back.

Nerf Strikefire - Green.

Nerf Strikefire - Orange.

Nerf Strikefire - Front On View.

Nerf Strikefire - Internals.

Nerf Strikefire Dart Tag - complete set.

Nerf Strikefire - Test Fire.

So, overall a great gun that packs a powerful punch, and great for when you need some back up when your primary jams or needs to be pumped. :)


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  2. Its actually really good, I love the way it slides to the underside of a recon

  3. I love the thing. I just recently modded my green strikefire and it'll be done gluing tomorrow.

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  5. A good back up gun. Stick on to your primary weapon tactical rail. Light and small.
    Pretty good gun

  6. cool just decideing to get this or the recon or the maverick or the nite finder lol

  7. hello uk nerf, can you get us a picture of a strikefire size comparison against a nite finder as i am thinking of purchasing these

  8. Sorry about the lack of replies here, the previous owner of the blog actually wrote this article.

    Sorry i cant give you a size comparison picture in the next few hours, but it you reply again saying you still want one I'll try my hardest to get a basic one organised :)

    In my opinion the advantage these have over the nightfinder is that they are easier to "prime", if you have strong hands, you can even do them with one hand, so they are good for duel weilding. The disadvantages these have is that they are slightly less powerful than the nightfinder, and have much less modding potential.

  9. oh that is very cool, I think that would be the perfect Christmas gift for my children, how much does it cost again??