Wednesday 7 April 2010

Blog Updates

In case it isn't obvious enough already, I would like to point out three new additions to this website. The two pages can be accessed by the links under the "UK NERF" heading at the left of the blog. They will be updated and improved regularly.

First off is the UK Nerf stocklist, which is extremely useful if your considering buying a blaster, as it shows where to get the best deals on Nerf products.

Secondly, I have created a map to contain information about where "nerfers" in the UK are, where shops to buy Nerf products are, and other Nerf related things. This map is called the UK Nerf Location Database (or UKNLD for short). It can be edited by anyone, and I would appreciate it if you, yes you (unless you don't live in the UK, then not you), could contribute to it, at least with your location.

Another new thing is the search box on the right. This can not only search this blog, but also other Nerf blogs and Nerf forums. Go on, give it a go.

PS. I am selling a Raider CS-35 stock.


  1. This Blog is great, and looks only to get better. Thanks!

  2. Post some more! I keep checking but updates seem to be rare! Thanks for the stocklist though, it's really helpful. Seems like is the best place go atm, hopefully someone will start selling longshots etc. at a more reasonable price someday.

  3. If you would like any help with the UK Nerf Stocklist I could help out... I've spent many an hour lurking around the 'net and know a few more deals. Great work though, it's really helpful to see a UK nerf site for once!