Saturday, 3 April 2010

My Nerf Armoury Vol.2 - Mavericks

First off is my black, gold and "leather" Maverick. Yes, I painted over the orange tip. I do not plan on even taking this gun out of my house, so I'm not going to get arrested or shot. This has had its air restrictors removed and a couple of flat (run out of power and flat dimension-wise) batteries put in behind the spring. It is freaking noisy, but has been fired hundreds of times and not broken.

Here is my Girlfriends orange Maverick that I painted for her :D Completely stock internals, and it is colourful enough to use outside. The "wood" grip looks awesome in sunlight, quite proud of it really.

I also have a non-painted Maverick which I use more in games. It's had its air restrictors removed, the spring "stretched", and the rotating clip now swings out further.


  1. Hi Im a uk nerfer. I think the maverick is cool and the wood grip is awsome. Im thinking of modding one of my mavericks because i had two but I made a replica of uin13s mavcon.

  2. I would like to have one like those. Specially the black one. The design is quite odd. I haven't see something like this.