Sunday, 30 December 2012

Nerf Elite Strongarm - UK Review

Hey guys, I thought it was about time I started reviewing the new Elite blasters.

The following is a review by my good friend MerryUnBirthday from BritNerf. I asked him to review some of the Elite blasters for the blog for two reasons. A, He is hilarious and B, he doesn't mod. Both very important qualities but the latter means that he can review a blaster without the inevitable speculation on how to mod it.

So without any further ado, here is MerryUnBirthday with his review of the Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm.

 The Strongarm can be purchased now in 'The Entertainer' for £10

"First things First, I LOVE Nerf pistols, all of them. From the Reflex and the Jolt, all the way up to my personal favourite the Nerf Speedload-6. (a 'why its good' review coming soon) So when I saw that there was an Elite version of the awesome Maverick REV-6 (yes it is. Admit it. Yes there are better guns now but we all have one), I was understandably excited.

The Elite series hasn't wowed me much. (with the exception of the Stryfe, but that's just a Stockade made better.) and my fear was the strongarm was going to look and feel good. but fire like a drunk brick.

I am happy to report that we the Nerf faithful, have nothing to fear. It is awesome. 

It has a firing mech similar to it's older brother but instead of the turret rotating with the trigger pull, it rotates after the dart has fired, as the trigger returns to 'rest'. Not on the prime like the Spectre as I imagined. This is a massive improvement on both old models. The barrel itself is easy to load and doesn't have the Mavericks 'are the darts in fully?' loading hassle which annoys us all.

The grip and weight are both more than acceptable and its tactical rail, while small, is now placed in the centre of the blaster making it far more balanced to hold.

But once more, Nerf couldn't design a gun without having something not quite right about it. The slam-fire ability, and more specifically the slide, does NOT spring back as smoothly as the Maverick, and at times I can effect the blaster's power. But when fired one at a time this is not an issue.

All in all. Its is a good looking, easy to handle, powerful and much more accurate pistol than its predecessor. Just like the Maverick was to the SecretShot and others before it.

Get one now, before your enemies do!"


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