Tuesday 31 December 2013

Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow: Review

So, after some eagle eyed fans spotted a few of the zombie strike range popping up on ebay uk over the last week, I decided to take a punt and buy one of the crossfire bows. I was not disappointed...

Sometimes, Christmas comes at new year :)

One of the first things I noticed up receiving this blaster was the box art. It would appear that Hasbro are trying to market the blaster under the Elite name, rather than under the zombie strike brand, unlike our US brethren...

Inside, you find the blaster is very simply packaged, much like all the others. Attaching the bow arms is a nice simple click, but once on you'll need to prise them off again

Daryl Dixon, eat your heart out...

Essential, this is half a Rough Cut made to look like a crossbow :)

Very light, very easy to wield and maneuver with.

None, obviously.

None included, but I feel the old break barrel dart holder would work really well. I'd like to say including a stock too, but I find it just as easy to use with or without a stock...

Just the one on the top, which is fine by me. If it were to have one underneath, I feel it would be out of place...

Now, I feel I have to be honest with you when I say I still haven't made my mind up about this blaster. Certain things I love, others I despise and I'm struggling to choose...

On one hand, it's a beautiful blaster. Well balanced, and it's nice having more than 1 shot before reloading. It's great fun to use, and really looks the part. But on the other hand, for what it is I still don;t think the price is justified, considering that a Roughcut is a very similar as the Crossfire Bow (£19.99 and £21.99 respectively) and the Roughcut has a higher capacity.

So to be brutally honest, it'll all come down to personal choice... and for me it's the Crossfire Bow. Just feels more like a blaster I'd use on a regular basis.

Please feel free to post any comments or questions below


  1. Great coverage thanks! I have a question - is the RoF battle worthy or where would you place this in an arsenal? Potential primary or secondary? Whilst the Rough Cut is kinda limited due to it's smart internals, what potential mods do you forsee on this blaster?


    Ash aka MyLastDart

    1. Hey Ash!

      I'd personally put this as a secondary for NICer's, but it's more than adequate as a primary for backyard/LARPers. ROF is not as good as the RC, as there is no slam fire. Internally, you're kinda snookered mods wise as it incorporates the same "Smart AR" gates as the RC, just with 1 PT and 4 barrels...