Tuesday 30 December 2014

Toy Fair 2015 - Warm Up

With less than a month to go before the 2015 London Toy Fair, I thought it'd be a pretty good idea to start getting ready.

2015 will actually be the 5th year I have attended the Toy Fair and the 3rd year I have covered it for UK NERF. Although it's a hectic and fairly stressful day out, it is a great opportunity to meet up with the bods at Hasbro Europe and take a look at some of this years most hotly anticipated blasters. At the beginning of 2014, we got an exclusive hands on look at the new Zombiestrike blasters and Demolisher 2-in-1. So what could be in store for the 2015 event?

What we would like to see

After the leak back in September, we think we already know about most of what 2015 has to offer. Since then, we have been seeing a steady stream of information released from various sites including Bankroft.de and many NERFers have already gotten their hands on some of the upcoming goodies, namely the Elite Slingfire, Sharpfire, ZS Flipfury, MEGA Bigshock and Cycloneshock. Of all of these, it's the Cycloneshock that's getting me all giddy. I am very much looking forward to getting hands on with that chap, even though it's release looks to be imminent.

As yet, there has been some photos but no real information on the Crossbolt, but the MEGA Bezerker and the Modulus are still proving very illusive indeed. There has been an awful lot of speculation on these three so it'd be awesome to finally get hands on and see how they work. I expect that some, if not all of these blasters will be a closely guarded secret. I'm sure all will be due for release later in 2015 but it is likely that some larger publications have already paid to have the exclusive on the blasters. This is what appears to have happened with the CAM ECS-12.

What we would like to confirm.

As always, the NERF community has been rife with speculation and rumour abut the new blasters. The main one of interest was stirred up by our German collogues, Blasted.de during a recent visit to Hasbro's German HQ. I am of course talking about accessories. Now, I've been campaigning with others for a long time, trying to get Hasbro to release new accessories separately. My theory has always been that the Modulus will pave the way for a large range of stocks, barrels, scopes, dart holders and fore grips. This isn't really based on anything other than the blaster's name but it would be awesome, especially seeing that most Elite blasters accept these accessories but very few actually come with them. This would be a big deal for me personally so I would really like to get the low-down on this.

How can you help?

In the past, the UK NERF blog has always asked readers what they would like to ask Hasbro. This year will be no different. If you have any burning questions that you would like an answer to, feel free to ask in the comments, send us an email or message us through the Facebook page. We will try to get answers to as many as possible

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