Monday 29 October 2012

More Nerf Elite News

This new picture from Baidu shows some of the new, but currently unreleased N-Strike Elite blasters alongside some older N-Strike models. Although this image shows us nothing new, I does give us an idea of the size of these new blasters.

We have the Elite Firestrike, Elite Jolt (I'm still dubious of this) and Elite Triad EX-3. Beneath them we have the Nitefinder EX-3, One of the new CLUE (basically Cluedo) Elimination Jolt variants and an Element EX-6.


  1. The elite jolt is true sg nerf has one im bigredrandomman on brit nerf

  2. you know i think nerf is grate but the new eleat is to expensive :(

    1. How did you work that out?

      So far all of the Elite blasters are a massive improvement on their predecessors and only cost roughly £1-2 more.

      With the exception of the Elite Rampage which is roughly the same price as the Raider but comes with less stuff, I'd say that they are all fantastic value for money.

      If anything, the Elite range just points out that the original N-Strike range was massively overpriced.