Saturday 13 April 2013

Quest Nerf Arena - UK Nerf at the Grand Opening

As you all know, the Nerf Combat Arena at Quest, Merry Hill officially opened last Saturday (6th April 2013).

Unfortunately my little boy was very ill that day so my plans to travel up north had to be put on hold. Luckily for me, one of the wonderful chaps from the BritNerf community was able to attend and write this fantastic report for me.

So, without any further ado, I hand you over to TrueFiction, UK Nerf's honorary Dudley correspondent, and his report from the grand opening of the worlds first Nerf Combat Arena.

This Way to the Fun!

"I have been looking forward to going to the Nerf Arena at Quest in Merry Hill for a while now so I headed down there for the grand opening. Unfortunately, I didn't get there until 11:30 and missed all the hype.

Quest, Merry Hill - Main Entrance

The inside of Quest looks amazing. The high ropes are really something although I didn't have time to have a go. The high ropes are right above you as you walk in.

To the Right as you walk in is the Nerf area with the Nerf Target Range, Nerf Shop, Main Counter and a cafe. All looks very cool.

Don't Look Down!


Nerf Combat Arena

The Nerf Combat Arena is a giant inflatable room, approximately 10m wide x 20m long x 6-8m high and is situated outside the main entrance of Quest at the Westfield Shopping centre.

A Bubble Full of Nerf Goodness

Adult tickets to the Nerf Combat Arena where £5.45 (4.95 child) each and came with a Quest goody bag. 

Goodie Bag Contains: 1x N-Strike Jolt, Some Sweets, 1/2 Voucher (valid for 2 weeks), Nerf VIP Sticker.

One ticket gives one hours access to the Nerf Combat Arena, which runs sessions throughout the day. Upon entry you are given either a Jolt or a Sharp shot, one Jersey black or grey, one pair of Nerf safety glasses and a bag of taggers by the marshal.
After a short talk about safety and the rules of the game (we ended up playing capture the flag), we were divided into two equal teams, black and grey. Age ranges can be mixed from children to adults so fun for the whole family. (There was a dad there that didn't want to play but when he did he had loads of fun. He and I where gunning for each other as we was the biggest there.) There are inflatable blockades that are fixed in place and some that you can move around. I ended up pushing one into other teams base as I tried to hide behind it. It didn't work. A dad on the other team jumped over it and shot me.

The Nerf Combat Arena was great fun, although it got very hot in there with all the running around. The fact is the arena is more or less a giant inflatable green house.

I do hope they will run Dart Tag tournaments, I shall try and ask the Manager next time I go.

Combat Arena Complete with Obstacles

About Time for a Dart Sweep


Nerf Blaster Target Range


An adult ticket to the Nerf Blaster Target Range was £3.00 (same for a child) which gets you a small bucket of darts/discs (approx. 50) and a choice of blaster.

Nerf Target Range

You can choose either Barricade, Maverick, Jolt, SharpShot, Speedload 6, Elite Jolt, Firestrike, Strongarm, Retaliator, Rampage, Hailfire, Stockade, Nitron or Vigilon.

Darts are either taggers or whistler darts for compatible blasters and STREAMLINES for CS and Elite Blasters (big thumps down there). The darts where very worn and tatty. You couldn't load clips with most of them. Misfires galore, darts that I personally would of binned a long time ago. All the flywheel blasters suffered with dead batteries. Spitting darts out about 3 feet, need I say more? Very disappointed with darts which made the target range feel a bit pointless.

Inside the Nerf Shop
Lots of Goodies on Display
Various Other Toys and Games

Over all I had a great time there and would definitely go back."


On behalf of UK Nerf, I would like to thank TrueFiction for writing this article for us. I'm a little disappointed that I couldn't go but I'm grateful that TF was able to attend and let us all know how awesome it was. I hope to make it up there some time soon to witness the awesome for myself.

Thanks again TF.

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