Wednesday 8 May 2013

New Centurion info - Including a picture!

Big thanks to Urbantaggers for bringing this new photo to our attention. From first glances this picture will confirm the sheer SIZE of this blaster, not too mention the fact that it is one piece - not like the Longstrike or Longshot. It's also nice to see that the rail is flush to the rest of the blaster, allowing for a better chance of a scope working on this blaster. The new darts also look really cool, and it'll be interesting to see if conversion to standard darts will be possible without major modification.The only thing that is slightly off (for me) is the distance from trigger and magazine, but I'll sure that can be solved easily *insert evil grin here*.

Either way, I (and probably UKNerfWar) will be very happy when our pre-ordered blasters become available!


  1. I'm willing to believ that one attached the barrel is permanent, but you'd think if it were really one piece the box would be, ya know, the shape of the blaster

  2. It certainly looks the part I just hope it will be good at firing darts. If not I am sure we will manage to find hundreds of ways to make it better!