Tuesday 20 November 2012

Nerf Elite 2013. What we know so far #2

Update for my pervious article...


Elite Jolt

An image on Baidu.com show an “Elite Jolt” being almost identical to the current version. No news as to how it will achieve the elite ranges out of the box. That being said, the current Jolt isn’t far off.


Elite Triad EX-3

Similar to the Jolt IX-1, the Triad has three barrels. It is quite a bit larger than the Jolt and so has a much larger plunger tube. It has three barrels which fire one at a time in sequence, although, you do have to prime it between shots. Very clever.

Elite Strongarm

Elite version of the Maverick REV-6. Mysteriously popped up on eBay in July 2012 and quickly generated interest. Since it sold (for over £600) there has been no word on this blaster which only fuels the speculation that it was bought by Hasbro to prevent the leak. We can only speculate that the Strongarm has a direct plunger system and hope that they have sorted out the shoddy air seal.
AB Gee list price is £10.99

Elite Strife

All we have to go in is an image from the back of a pack of Elite Firefly Darts that was leaked in October 2012. Based on the images, we can only speculate that it is a clip fed flywheel blaster similar to the barricade. The Strife was also mentioned in an article by Wired.com in September. No other information is known at this point.
AB Gee list price is £19.99

Elite Incinerator

So far nothing is known about this blaster so there is no basis for speculation. Again, spotted on the AB Gee website. All we know is the list price of £8.99 leading to speculation that it will be similar to a nitefinder.

Elite Firestrike

Elite version of the Nitefinder EX-3. Spotted in July 2012 on the packaging of another elite blaster. It appears to be a similar size and shape to the Nitefinder but with a couple of differences. The front part where the dart holders and LED are housed seems to have been redesigned and there appears to be a secondary trigger similar to that of the Rayven and Hailfire. It is speculated that this trigger is for the Firestrike’s LED light beam.
There is no word as yet about the list price of the Firestrike.

Elite Ruff Cut

The Ruff Cut was first mentioned in the Wired.com article in September 2012 which stated; “the Ruff Cut... is only the third blaster ever that’s capable of shooting two darts at the same time.” These pictures spotted recently show a very tasty varient of the Barrel Break IX-2. This blaster appears to be pump action and has a total of eight barrels arranged in two rows of four. We know from the Wired.com article that the Ruff Cut fires two darts at a time so from that we know that it gives you four shots.

Elite Rayven

All we know is from a picture on the back of a leaked Elite Firefly dart package. Likely to have upgraded internals to help it achieve elite ranges.


 Elite Pinpoint Sight

It’s back and this time it’s blue! The most sought after Nerf accessory ever will be making a return in 2013. Spotted in a Nerf brochure at a Malaysian Dart Tag Tournament, the Elite Pinpoint Site is going to sell like hot cakes when it hits the shelves. From the information leaked so far, it is exactly the same as the original, just blue.

Elite Firefly Tech

With the success and performance of the Elite Darts, it was only a matter of time before the Firefly Tech glow-in-the-dark darts got the same treatment. Images of the Firefly darts popped up on TaoBao in October and also gave us images of some other new Elite blasters. It looks like the Firefly Tech clip has had a bit of a face lift also, sporting a bright fluorescent green paint job. Other than that, the clip appears to e the same.

Other Upcoming Releases

Vortex Diatron

Another previously unknown blaster, news the Vortex Diatron also popped up on the AB Gee website. The listing on the website includes the term “multishot” which has led to a lot of speculation as to the blasters format but we have nothing more than the name as basis for this.
The AB Gee website lists the price as £19.99

Thanks to UrbanTaggers for some of the photos

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