Sunday 18 November 2012

Nerf Elite Triad Internals

Urban Taggers have done it again. Pocket. Esq. has gotten the drop on me again by discovering these amazing photos first. Hats off to you sir!

These images from Baidu clearly show the internals of the upcoming Nerf N-Strike Elite Triad.

You can clearly see all of the parts neatly layed out here.

The first thing to point out is that the plunger assembly is very similar to that of the Jolt (just as expected), only much, much bigger.


Here you can clearly see the 'turret' section. The turret does not rotate which would suggest that the Triad fires all three darts at once. This has always been the general consensus since we first saw the Triad in a blurry video a couple of months ago, but it's always nice to have it confirmed.

The hole you can see in the side there, appears to be part of the air restrictor. It would seem that when a dart is inserted, the AR is pushed back, blocking the hole and allowing the air to get behind the dart. This system would prevent you from only loading one dart at a time and getting huge ranges.

Judging by the chewed up remains of the back of the barrel(s), this beastie is glued together like the jolt, making it a pain to mod but I'm sure it'll be o' so worth it.

At last, a hand held scatter gun! Just imagine the range you'll get with two of the barrels plugged?


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  1. My local Toy's R us got these in early and I bought one. It does not shoot three darts at once. It shoots them one at at a time depending on where the darts are in the barrels.