Wednesday 2 July 2014

Zombiestrike Slingfire - Review

When news broke that most of this year's hot releases were available at, I was furious. Not because the US had gotten the jump on everybody. Not because I had been hunting tirelessly for a chance to get my hands on one early. Not even because I had been assured by Hasbro that there would be no 'soft release' this year. I was furious because when I heard the news, I was working, in a field, in the rain, with no internet connection and no way of getting my greasy mits on them.

Alas I had to sit there like a lemon whilst low resolution images of happy people slowly downloaded over my GPRS connection.

Things weren't any better when I got back. All of my feeds were full of more smug people playing with theirs and when I could finally get online I was faced by those three immortal words... OUT OF STOCK! I managed to get some eventually but the important thing is that they aren't here yet!

Fortunately for me, my good friend OldNoob managed to get hold of one and was the first to review it on the BritNerf forum. With his kind permission I have reposted it below.

It may seem like a cheap ploy to write the first new post in ages, and you'd be right.

The following is OldNoobs overview of the NERF Zombiestrike Slingfire. A video of his test over the chronograph is also below.


Swing cocking is fun, but not very practical.
General feel is very sturdy, bigger and with more heft than expected.
Very nice shell overall, stock is good length.
Handle feels fine, I wouldn't put a metal one on there, and I have all the kit needed to make one. It flexes, as you would want to avoid twisted fingers, but doesn't feel breakable.
Gears feel like Roughcut ones, not super slick, but not like they are going to break already. If you are a twat with it you might break one I suppose.
Love the firing position, you can hold your aim much better with it than with other pump springers.
WILL BE EPIC FOR LARP! Though ranges are a bit meh.


The 6 clip it came with won't actually hold darts, as the top is too wide!
Shoots about the same as a stock Roughcut in a lame back yard test environment.
The mag release is a pain, too far away from the grip IMO although it is double sided for lefty weirdos.
You have to have the handle all the way down/forward to drop your mag.


I believe my assessment that it's a fun blaster that has cool features, not a primary, is about right.
Buy it, love it for it's clever design, enjoy it at fun or CQB wars.
I suspect the 5kg Elite spring will fit in although a bit pre compressed, and you will get similar to 5kg EAT numbers with it. I wouldn't go higher than a 5 and would avoid too rapid or swingy shooting if you mod it. Time will tell how breaky it is.


5kg fits fine, about 20fps gain. Not too crunchy on gears. No pre compression as the Slingfire spring has longer free length and is bizarrely a bit pre compressed itself! ("Help! Help! I'm being compressed". "Come and see the compression inherent in the system" 10 internet points if you know which Python film that is a parody of..)

Perfect to put up behind the bar in case of Zombie invasion.

Here it is fresh from the box, ready to be let loose.

How to remove your stock, note screw port underneath.

Internals- nothing new.

Close up of the spring and PT gears, looks weedy.

Springs, left stock Elite Rampage, centre, Stock Slingfire, right OMW 5kg Elite spring.

5kg fitted, easy as. Only time will tell if it kills it. Maybe I can be first to strip the gears too?

Done, put it back together. Catch feels like it will hold it, test firing and video below."

I would like to thank OldNoob for letting me repost his review (including pictures). I was gutted that I couldn't get hold of one sooner but I hope to have some fun with mine when it arrives. Personally like OldNoob's straight-to-the-point approach to reviews. He cuts out all of the faff and tells you what you need to know. Thanks OldNoob... you jammy git!

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  1. I still want the how to on the Mag Magnus! Glad you enjoyed it. I have had lots of fun with it, it's been into work with me already. Note that the 5kg test is coming on my You Tube.