Sunday 29 July 2012

Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm

Just when we thought we knew everything the Nerf N-Strike Elite line had to offer us this year, someone goes and spots this on eBay.

It looks like a cross between the Maverick REV-6 and the Spectre REV-5. Like the Maverick, the turret holds 6 darts but the whole blaster is longer with the barrels positioned way forward like the Spectre. The tactical rail has also been moved from the priming handle to above the barrel which is good news if you actually want to use it. You'll also notice that the body of the blaster behind the turret is elongated. Could this be to house a direct plunger system? Let's hope so. As with all of the Elite line, the box boasts a 75 feet range. It'll be interesting to see what Hasbro have done with the air seal to make it spit darts that far.

Of all the Elite blasters we have seen so far, I think this one is the first to really get my juices flowing. There hasn't really been a 'good' pistol from Nerf since the Nitefinder so I'll be very excited to get these when they are released. Let's hope it come out soon.


  1. As long as this is still Russian Roulette modable then I'm all in and the Mavericks are going out of the window.
    If not however, then regardless of range it's just a non user friendly version of an already decent gun.

  2. it has slamfire if you dont belive me look on sg nerf.