Tuesday 17 July 2012

Nerf Vortex Pyragon

We first learnt about it in February after news of the Pyragon was leaked on the Internet. Now Hasbro have officially released information on this exciting new Vortex blaster. It is essentially a Vortex Praxis but with some major differences.

The First thing you'll notice about the Pyragon is the big shiny orange magazine. It is the first of the Vortex range to have a drum magazine. The new mag holds up to 40 XLR discs. It seems to work in a similar way to the carousel on the Hailfire in that a lever on the drum rotates a new stack of discs inside the mag. Unlike the Hailfire however, this mechanism seems to be automatic on the Pyragon.

The keen eyed among you will have also noticed that the priming grip is also different. That is because the good people at Nerf felt that it was pointless having a huge ammo capacity if you couldn't empty it quickly. Therefore the Pyragon has slamfire! The rate of fire of this thing is phenomenal and it could very easily become a formidable weapon in any Nerfers arsenal.

The Vortex Pyragon is due to be released on 8th August 2012. Although this date coincides with the release of the N-Strike Elite range, the Pyragon is not a "Vortex Elite" blaster as was originally speculated. It will simply be a new addition to the Vortex range.

At it's heart, the Pyragon is a souped up Vortex Praxis which was (in my opinion) the best blaster in the Vortex range. This can only mean that the Pyragon is going to blow the Praxis out of the water. With it's 40 disc capacity and slam fire, this thing is going to be legendary.

A demo of the Pyragon from the Nerf Elite launch party. Thanks to FoamFromAbove for this.

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