Monday 9 July 2012

Nerf Spectre REV-5

The Spectre REV-5 is a 5 shot, semi auto revolver, similar to the Maverick REV-6. The Spectre comes with a collapsible stock and a barrel extension that is designed to look like a silencer. It is a similar size to the Maverick, although, as the turret only holds 5 darts, the blaster is a little thinner and a bit lighter. The interesting thing about the Spectre is that unlike the Maverick, the barrel rotates when the blaster is primed rather when the trigger is pulled. This not only makes the trigger pull easier, but it also makes the air seal between the plunger tube and the turret much better, giving the Spectre much better ranges. The Spectre REV-5 was released as an ASDA exclusive in Autumn 2011 and sold out very quickly. It was never officially released in the UK by Hasbro which is why they are so hard to come by. Although ASDA still advertise them on their website, they have been unable to source any stock since Christmas 2011.

I like the Spectre. It fixes all of the problems that the Maverick had and also looks much cooler. The stock is pointless since it is too flimsy to be of any real benefit. It also only folds away to the right side of the blaster which means if you're a lefty like me, it gets in the way of the priming handle. The barrel extension is really nice and looks freakin' awesome on some of the other blasters.

Alas, I'm afraid I missed the boat on the Spectre REV-5 and it is still the only N-Strike blaster that I don't own. I need one for my collection but I just can't get one. They very rarely come up on eBay. When they do they go for around £30-40 which in my mind is ridiculous when they only cost £13 from ASDA only 7 months ago. My friend has one which he likes to gloat about. Maybe soon I will steal it.

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