Friday 6 July 2012

Gear Up and Whiteout Series

Both of these series are limited edition re-paints of existing blasters. I am sad to say that neither series is available in the UK although some people (myself included) have gone to great lengths to get them. They occasionally crop up on eBay, but usually sell for silly money.


The Whiteout series is my favourite and is exclusive to Walmart in the US. The blasters feature an 'Arctic' theme colour scheme consisting of white, grey, black and orange. The Deploy CS-6, Longstrike CS-6, Maverick REV-6 and Nitefinder EX-3 are all available in the Whiteout series. It is widely believed that the Whiteout series of blasters are considerably more powerful than their counterparts. Whether this is due to the blasters being made of a stronger plastic than the originals, or whether the internals are actually engineered for better performance is unknown.

The Gear Up series was primarily released in order to promote the Vortex line prior to it's release. The blasters feature an orange and black colour scheme and the darts feature black stripes. The Gear Up series also came packaged with a single XLR disc in an effort to build interest in the Vortex series. It didn't really work as the Vortex blasters had already been sold in many stores across the US. Blasters in the Gear Up range include the Barricade RV-10, Maverick REV-6, Raider CS-35 and Recon CS-6.


  1. I carnt seem to find a whitout Longshot in The uk, Is it only out in the States???

    1. As I have already mentioned, the whiteout series was never released in the UK and they are therefore quite hard to find. They were released in the US but as with all limited editions they were, well, limited. They are nolonger for sale in stores in the US so your only hope now days is to pick one up second hand.