Sunday 23 September 2012

Nerf Dart Tag Snapfire in the UK

Whilst checking for offers recently, I stumbled across this little gem at the Entertainer.

It's the new Nerf Dart Tag Snapfire. This little guy is awesome. 8 shots, semi automatic and amazingly, no separate priming handle. This blaster has an ingenious mechanism whereby the blaster is primed and fired in one motion of the trigger pull. This makes the Snapfire perfect for dual wielding. On the bottom of the handle is a little dial which can be used to adjust the spring tension, switching from maximum range (but with a hard trigger pull, thus low rate of fire) to high ROF (but with reduced range). 

When this chap hits the shelves, I'm definately going to hit the shops.

Here is a clip of it in action. Thanks to SGNerf for the video.

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