Monday 17 September 2012

Vintage Nerf Blasters on eBay

For those of us who covert rare vintage Nerf blasters, yesterday was a busy day.

The first to go was a very desirable Limited Edition, Small Soldiers Nerf SupermaXX 5000. These don't even come up in the US very often so imagine my surprise when this showed up on eBay UK.

I'm glad to say that this baby is now mine and takes pride of place in my collection. It's a lot of money to pay, but you get a lot of blaster for your money. I may have to thin out my arsenal for this puppy.

The second item, and by far the rarer blaster was the 1994 Mattel Maximizer.

These things are the holy grail of the Nerf world. They are as rare as rocking horse poo and are insanely powerful. Everybody who is anybody in the world of Nerf was bidding on this puppy including myself. Alas, I didn't win and Bobololo was a mere $5 from winning. Whoever did win is surely a very happy chap right now.


  1. Is it just me , or does the SS SM5000 , look similar to a ST9000... anyway , well done on winning the auction

    1. You are indeed correct. Very similar indeed. Unfortunately the ST9000 is like the holy grail for nerf. I'd sell my soul to own one.