Wednesday 12 September 2012

UKNerfWar Nerf Arsenal

I was cleaning out the shed today in order to make room for more stuff, lawnmowers and such, the kind of stuff that you'd find in a normal man's shed.

Since I would need to move all of my blasters to put some shelves up, I thought I'd take the opportunity to have a bit of a stock take. Laying everything out on the lawn it occured to me that I had two problems; Nerfing had become somewhat of an addiction for me and soon, I would need to buy a bigger shed.
On to the pictures.

This excludes a couple of blasters that I am currently working on but this is the bulk of it.

2x BNIB Dart Tag Speedswarm
2x Titan AS-V1
2x Hornet AS-6
6x Longshot (1 with Front Gun Integration, 2x Blue Longshot, 3x BNIB Yellow)
3x Magstrike AS-10
3x Deploy CS-6 (1x Whiteout series)
5x Raider CS-35 (1x Gear Up series)
3x Recon CS-6
2x Stampede ECS
3x Maverick REV-6
1x Element EX-6
1x Barrel Break IX-2
1x Rayven CS-18
2x Scout IX-3
1x Alpha Trooper CS-18
2x Vulcan EBF-25 (1x BNIB)
1x Dart Tag Swarmfire
2x Dart Tag Quick 16
2x Big Bad Bow
1x Elite Retaliator
1x Elite Stockade
1x Secret Shot II
1x Eagle Eye
1x Lock 'N Load
1x Zap Snap,
1x Longstrike

Now I've just got to find somewhere to put my rake.


  1. That's a hell of a lot I've got barricade vigil on and nite finder titan stampede retaliator recon altha troopa longstrick

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