Thursday 27 September 2012

Nerf Dart Tag Snapfire 8 Review

With the recent UK release of the Nerf Dart Tag Snapfire at The Entertainer, I thought it prudent to post a review. The following review was written by Nerfshack on the Britnerf forum.

"Well today I took delivery of my new Snapshot 8 dart tag blaster, so I thought I would write a review of it.

First off is the box and outer packaging. As with most blasters from the Nerf range box is colourful and bright. Itss quite a small box almost like a fully enclosed maverick.

Internally the blaster is packaged well with instructions and 8 dart tag darts. The blaster is easy to get at and not fiddly like many of the larger blasters, with only one tie wrap and cardboard loop holding the handle and body.

The blaster fits well in the hand and is quite well balanced. I would put the weight very, very close to a maverick. It is also a very sturdy, well built blaster.

The next image represents size compared to maverick.

The good thing about this Nerf blaster is that it is semi auto. Every time you pull the trigger it primes the blaster, fires the dart and rotates the turret all at once. With this blaster holding eight darts and being front loading, In my opinion it out does the maverick for practical applications.

It doesn’t stop there. Another great thing about this blaster is the ability to change the power output from speed, (faster firing of the darts) to power (although harder to pull the trigger it does greatly increase the darts range). This is all done via the control knob on the bottom of the grip.

I would estimate the range of the blaster on full power to be about 55ft very slightly angled and on speed about 40ft.

I tried using streamline darts but they were not very good at all. I am putting this down to the longer post used to hold the tip in place as the darts won’t push back far enough to create a decent seal.

Overall I think this is a very good blaster and brilliant for the £8.99 I purchased it for from The Entertainer. With a little modification I think this will be an awesome blaster. I’m thinking AR removal, dart post removal, spring upgrade and PETG barrels.

Thanks for reading."

Review by Nerfshack

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