Saturday 16 February 2013

I'm Not Dead, Just Busy

As much as I hate making personal posts, I thought I would explain a my absence.

Some of you may have noticed a distinct lull in posts from me recently. There has been lots of exciting news in the nerf world but unfortunately I have been too busy to cover it.

Whilst I love nerf, unfortunately it doesn't pay the bills. For that I have to go away on tour for extended periods of time.

Yes, by day I am a pyrotechnician, supplying special effects for concerts and the like all around the world. I am currently out supporting 'Girls Aloud' for their new tour which will whisk me around the UK and Ireland for the next 5 weeks.

I will try to keep my hand in as much as I can but working 18 hour days and sleeping in a tour buss all night doesn't leave a lot of room for hobbies. Hopefully BurntCustard and MerryUnBirthday will be able to keep you entertained whilst I'm away blowing stuff up.

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