Saturday 9 February 2013

Nerf Rebelle - Blasters for Girls

What's this? You go away for a couple of days, come back and your inbox is full of news.

It turns out that there was recently a conference between Hasbro Executives and a group of investors discussing this years new releases. The conference was held via webcast on 8th February from the New York Toy Fair.

Among the exciting new blasters that have already been discussed, Hasbro will also be launching an entirely new range.

The Nerf Rebelle line will consist of blasters designed specifically to appeal to girls. Whilst many organisations are in uproar about gender stereotyping and such, I think this is a great move by Hasbro. Encouraging girls to play with toy blasters is opening up a whole new world of games for them to play which actually contradict the stereotype.

You've got to admit. The 'Heartbreaker Bow' looks spectacular.

Well done Hasbro.

To read My Last Dart's in depth coverage on the topic click here.

To read the full transcript of the conference which contains info about other Hasbro releases, click here. Alternatively you can listen to the webcast yourself via the courporate section of the Hasbro website.


  1. So do we have any idea about when and in which stores these beauties are going to be in? (I'm in the uk, and am already hooked.)

    1. No news just yet. I hope to find out soon.