Monday 4 February 2013

Orange Mod Works - Immortal Kit Review

I received my Immortal kit a while ago, but what with work commitments and a 2 year old boy to look after, I haven't had the time to do anything with it. Luckily for me, my good friend Nerfshack has posted this review on the Britnerf forum and he has kindly let me post it here.

"Here is my review of the Orange Mod Works kit for the Nerf longshot CS-6.

This 16 part kit includes:

Trigger catch
2x double strength trigger catch springs
2x main springs 5kg and 8 kg
Bolt sled with pin
Plunger rod
Plunger face
Plunger tube
Plunger tube retention cap
Metal trigger
Also a 10g silicone grease

The installation guide is pretty comprehensive with small pictures to guide you through.but they are very small and next to useless in my opinion

I have taken pictures of all the parts to see exactly what we have

The catch springs, bolt sled pin, O-rings and grease all come in a small packet which also includes 2x OMW stickers

The main springs are wrapped individually with labels to tell what is what. The 5kg and 8 kg springs are included in the kit, I purchased the 10kg spring separately.

 Bolt sled not much to say its a bolt sled its red and very tough

Below is the plunger rod, plunger face and retention cap. You will need to use the screw from the original plunger face and the two from the original retention cap.

The plunger tube is very nice. I personally like the OMW symbol moulded in to the tube. The quality is very good. Much better than I have been led to believe from other reviews.

  The bolt section come in two parts that screw together. The next three pics should explain.

The metal trigger is very nice. Some people have had problems with the spring not fitting.
Mine went on quite easily, you just have to push it a little harder.

Now a picture with the kit fully installed. I will say that the kit is very easy to install even without the instructions.

Overall this is a very good entry level kit for someone with little or no modding skills.
OMW are apparently working on a add on kit to make it a sealed breech.
I am currently getting 80-90 ft ptg with the 8kg spring in my yellow longshot and 100+ with 10kg spring in my blue longshot.

Now, you can get better/similar results just by beefing up you original boltsled, removing the AR and adding a stronger spring but who cares. I like OMW and I will continue to purchase the products the make. Companies like OMW are needed in our hobby, even if only for the people with no time or inclination of their own to mod.

Thanks for reading.


I agree with Nershack's final point there. A lot of people I have spoken to are a bit disappointed that this kit doesn't yield greater ranges. Like many of you, I have modified many Longshots in my time and can achieve greater ranges than this, but not without brass, epoxy, hot glue and a couple of hours work. I was astonished by how easily this kit can be installed and I think that is the key. Thanks to Orange Mod Works, you can now make your Longshot hit almost 90' in under 15 minutes. That is remarkable. For newer modders this kit represents the ability to compete with the rest of the community, especially since springs and other materials are much harder to source here in the UK. For the rest of us, It saves us time and money doing a fiddly job.

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